National / International Invited lectures

1.      Pathophysiology of Immunodeficiency and Allergic and Non-Allergic Inflammation. World Allergy Organisation International Scientific meeting Seoul, South Korea, October 15th 2015

2.      Primary Immune Deficiency: Lessons from experimental models. World Allergy Organisation International Scientific Meeting. Rio de Janeiro December 5th 2014.

3.      United Kingdom Primary Immunodeficiency Network (UKPIN) & the UKPID Registry. “Current Topics in Immunology”, The Royal College of Physicians London. 9th April 2013

4.      Diagnosis and management of Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) in the chest clinic. Scottish Respiratory Group, Glasgow,  November 2012

5.      Pneumococcal serotype specific analysis (PSSA) in the diagnosis of Primary antibody deficiency (PAD). European Society for Immune Deficiency (ESID ) Biennial Conference, Istanbul October 2010

6.      Primary Immunodeficiency – The Northern Ireland experience. At “Launch of the Jeffrey Modell centre for Immunodeficiency”.  Dublin,  September 2010

7.      “Prognostic factors in peanut allergy”. 3rd National Paediatric asthma and allergy conference. Institute of Physics, London, 9th November 2009.

8.  “Diagnostic Dilemmas in Immunodeficiency” . Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) Annual Conference, Birmingham,  29th September 2009

9.      “Clinical management of Primary Immunodeficiency”.  European Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology (EAACI) Annual Conference, Barcelona, 10th June 2008.

10. “Development of a United Kingdom Primary Immunodeficiency (UKPID) Registry: Keynote address: Primary Immunodeficiency Association Annual General Meeting, London, 30/5/2008

11. “Management of Chronic Urticaria in children”. 1st National Paediatric asthma and allergy conference Institute of Physics, London, London November 2007

12. “The Immune system in Respiratory Disease, Defence or Attack?” Royal College of Physicians of London, Regional meeting, Templepatrick,  February 2007

13. “What’s new in Allergy?” Royal College of Pathologists Regional Meeting, Belfast, February 2007

14. “Primary immunodeficiency: Clinical presentations and diagnosis” Institute of Biomedical Science Annual Conference, Birmingham, October 2005

15. “Medical Aspects of Anaphylactic Shock”. Chartered Institute of Environmental Health & Food Standards Agency joint meeting, Belfast, October 2002

16. “Adverse Reactions to Food- Cutting through the confusion”. Dairy Council for Northern Ireland, Belfast, September 2002.

17. “Clinical Diagnosis of Allergy: current diagnostic strategies and application of a novel microarray technology”. British Society for Immunology Annual Conference, Harrogate, December 2001

18. “Clinical Audit and Effectiveness in Pathology” Medicine for managers’ series (The Institute of healthcare management and Royal College of Pathologists), London, November 2001

19. “ANCA: A Laboratory Perspective”. Institute of Biomedical Science Annual Conference, Birmingham, October 2001

20. “Allergy & Beyond”. Association of Clinical Biochemists (Ireland), Annual Conference, Belfast, October 2001